A new world !!

Some time recently i read a beautiful quote : ” Every friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive.”

It is just a simple one line, but the when the depth of the meaning sunk into me….i was just awestruck !!! How true is this !!
i am one person who really values friendship in my life…i have always had such a great place for all my friends.. very close to my heart…perhaps sometimes even above my family…

This is one relationship that is truly wonderful!!! Someone whom you have not met for your 20 years of life… have been with for just a few months… but is still willing to do anything for you just to help you… How amazing is it !!!
But unfortunately some people don’t realize the depth and importance of such strong relationships !!!

Whatever it may be…I always truly keep each and everyone of my friend at such heights of love and affection!!! After all… through each one of them i have been able to discover that part of me which has been lying hidden within myself!!!

I am thankful to each one of my friends i have had till now and to the ones who are yet to come….for enjoying and relishing this delightful journey of discovery along with me….

laksh 🙂

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  1. 🙂 nice blog! do keep writing!

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