Together .. through the waters

Like a rocking boat our journey began, stuck at the shore afraid of the seas. Sailing through the highs and lows on the waves, seeking the rhythm of life. Wandering about from one island to another, trying to anchor amidst different terrains; We found our peace in the flutter of the seas, rather than the calm of the coast. The […]

Whispers of the soul

  Silvery streaks of light     from the waning moon,    cast upon the hazy night; Causing my head to swoon. Waves lapping at the gravel    with the chilling breeze, Thoughts in my mind unravel;    in the moment I freeze. Silence of the seas defines its charm,    whispering lullabies of love and peace; As the eyes soak […]

Reborn … to die

Drowned; Intoxicated; Fallen; Breathless;I’ve died every possible death drowned in those dark eyes, intoxicated by tender words of romance, fell from height; to be in your arms, breathless cause of the deep kiss…Reborn every time; but can’t escape; The memories still kill me … every minute!!Causing pain that was pleasure before;This time let death consume me to the fullest, And […]


All of us at some point in time definitely have an attraction for an object. We have a special liking for it because of a lot of reasons; may be merely for its utility value, for its aesthetic appeal or some sentimental attachment. Especially in the last category, females are generally supposed to be the ones who have that, being […]