All of us at some point in time definitely have an attraction for an object. We have a special liking for it because of a lot of reasons; may be merely for its utility value, for its aesthetic appeal or some sentimental attachment. Especially in the last category, females are generally supposed to be the ones who have that, being the more emotional of the sexes!!(?). But there is something that connects a man too to some of these objects. And if I would ask someone to take a guess I am sure they will get it right…. Yes, it’s the impeccable world of machines!!
There are so many things through which this connection is established like right from their toys, gadgets etc. But these are pretty common and there is nothing special about it. There is one thing more important than that…. that which all boys will definitely have at some time or the other. (I actually don’t know if it lasts forever??); it’s the love for their “automobile”.
My dad doesn’t own any vehicle so my first encounter where I got to know of this “bonding” was through a tamil movie called ‘Pollavathan’; in which the hero goes crazy when he realizes that his bike is lost cause he loses his job and his girl as well. And the entire story revolves around how he retrieves his bike back from the villains. The movie was a resounding success; to honestly give my opinion I hated it completely. But I should appreciate the novel idea of those corporate giants because the whole movie was like an extended commercial to promote the bike.
Later on I got to explore more on this relationship when I moved into the hostel for my PG. I was amazed to see the kind of connect that was present. The guys did not see them as mere machines but like their favorite pet or something. I have seen so many of them cleaning their bike/car ardently with so much care and ‘love’ (I am sure their girlfriends would get jealous if they would have seen that :-P) But there is more to it. They would feel so heartbroken at the slightest scratch on the body of the vehicle. In case of an accident they would spend much more on the repairs for the bike than on their own wounds. They keep names for their bikes and even celebrate birthdays too!! I don’t know how much of a surprise all this is to you (for girls) but it definitely was for me.
And the more time I spent roaming around with many guys on their bikes I got to share these feelings too. But the maximum I got to spend was on my brother’s Thunderbird, not just while riding along but even just sitting on it and chatting for hours together. After college was over i dint quite miss anything much except for those wonder rides may be. Whenever I go out on the roads now and I hear its unique sound I turn around quickly to spot the bird flying away royally. The mere sight of it brings a smile on my face always. I felt the emotional connect too and I have realized it now. Ahhh the man and his love for machines ….. its incredible!!


PS – @Bhayya – if you ever read it, this is dedicated to bhabhi 😉

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  1. I am a fond lover of cars and mostly if the road is free then of racing cars. This post clearly defines my attitude towards the craze.

  2. It really drives the way I love my Bike! Infact I call it sweetheart! Lately it has been christened to "Bumbble B"! Lol!

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