My take on the Saat Phere – Wedding Vows #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #Instacuppa

A very old and common saying goes that marriages are made in heaven. With our current generation, it may or may not be true, but it takes a lot of efforts to make it stay grounded. In Hindu culture, during the wedding one of the most important customs is to take vows around the fire. Ever wondered what the famous […]

Sustainability and conservation in Kitchen #SuperBloggingChallenge2018 #Instacuppa

Food – This one word evokes different emotions in each of us. From being initially treated as something that helped mankind in survival and existence, it has evolved to be a much more complex and integral part of our living. Today, it defines a fundamental aspect of our culture and history. If one were to define cooking in mere scientific […]

Full stop.

To know that you don’t know is great knowledge – Unknown Through life we meet so many people, see many places, go through so many different situations, and each of this leaves some mark on us. These experiences teach us so many new things and we keep evolving as we grow. You must be thinking that is how it is […]

Ripple effect !!

When you throw a stone into a still pond, the ripples that it creates brings some movement and life back into that place. Similarly an idle mind is kindled by some discussion or argument one has, which sets the thought process going….this post is a realization because of my thoughts that was set into motion by my loving bro!! i […]

Everlasting truths…..

Sometimes you may get insecure in a relationship. It is only because of letting fear into the relationship. When fear comes in place of trust, everything else is shaken. Every situation can be seen from both a negative and positive perspectives. And when you constantly see only the negative view, thats when the demon of fear and doubt creeps in, […]