Crazy mind

Sometimes what our loved ones do might really hurt us .. but it was never intentional on their part too.. Even though you know about it you are not able to forgive them and move on… Our heart sticks onto such bad memories very easily but fails to remember the good ones…Why is this so ???

Situational interpretations of some thing which might otherwise have been perfectly normal really make us feel bad… At that moment if we lose our temper and say something which we may repent later..its the worse thing that can happen to anyone …

Words are like arrows .. once it leaves the bow it can’t be take back !!

Often i feel as though i am caught entangled in a web of emotions.. not able to relish any of them fully…all of us wish and pray for more happier moments in life.. but i am caught thinking only about any problem or disagreement that might arise which might hurt me more…
am i confusing myself ???

If you have something bitter and then immediately have something sweet … you tend to feel as though the sweetness has increased and as if it melts in your mouth. This is exactly the essence of life. When we are surrounded by miseries the smallest smile that someone can bring on your face is of such great help that you start valuing it so much !!!

The true feeling of happiness is realised only among the disappointments in life…. Similarly the importance of life is only because of death … people often say that they want to do something purposeful before they die. Life itself has a meaning only because of death.
Death once said ” I will touch you, but you don’t know when…therefore live life as intensely as you can”


(ps – from what i actually started writing about, never did i think i ll be finishing it with such philosophical thoughts.. thats exactly ’cause of my really really crazy mind !!! )

2 comments on “Crazy mind

  1. //Life itself has a meaning only because of death.

    note pannungappa.. note pannungappa.. pinraapa pinraapa.. đŸ™‚

  2. ithe auto la kuda eluthi vaikalame:P lol

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