I was born and raised in Chennai, a place in South India, known for its scorching unrelenting summers. The city’s weather can pretty much be summed up in just three words – Hot, Hotter & Hottest ! There’s just a wee bit of rains for couple of weeks towards the end, apart from which there is just abundant blessings of the Sun God right through the year. Coupled with dizzying levels of humidity, it can only get worse. My hubby on the other hand, spent much of his early childhood in Kota in the desert land of Rajasthan. The peak temperatures soar towards the highest in summers, leaving both kids and adults exasperated and dehydrated. So when we say we know the heat, we quite literally do know it. Yo baby we are Hot  !!

How do you survive the heat

Well the obvious God given gift (which we are fast depleting.. cause to worry !?) is definitely H2O. The wonders that two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen can do to our body is amazing. Water is present in ~70% of the earth’s surface; water also forms ~ 60% of total body weight – You see the correlation. Nature has designed us in the same fashion and we cannot escape this fact.

Thirsty or Not, drink up

Most of you must be aware of the 8 glass rule right from our school days. But, how many of us actually follow it. Most people neglect this basic routine of having enough water through the day, which is highly essential. Did you know that even mild dehydration can have adverse effects on both physical and mental activity of our body.  Our body is designed to compensate itself for the loss of fluids, and that is when we feel thirsty. But due to changing environments and sedentary lifestyle, we feel less thirsty especially while sitting in air-conditioned offices the whole day. Hence we are having to force ourselves to remember to drink sufficient water required for the day. There are even apps these days which pop up with these reminders.

Infusion to achieve water goals

If you are someone who fall in the above category of struggling to meet your water goals, there is a very easy solution to help you. Infusion is a process by which one can extract the goodness or fruits or vegetables in water. This not only enriches the water with vitamins and minerals, but also adds to the flavor and taste. You will no longer need reminders to reach to your next glass.

Did you think water could look so yummmy !

Instacuppa is definitely for the generation today, which is too pre-occupied and fast paced to stop to think of their health. They have designed unique and user friendly products which help prepare infused water. They are durable and travel- friendly with convenient case and gripper, and completely spill proof.

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Instacuppa has several other interesting products in their catalog, such as the InstaCuppa Double Walled Glass Green Tea / Detox Infuser Bottle and the InstaCuppa Premium Milk Frother .  This is one small investment each of us should make for ensuring healthy day to day life. Well if these reasons don’t excite you enough to try Instacuppa, there is one more important advantage. All of their products come with a 100% full 1-year replacement guarantee and also with a 1 year money back guarantee. What are you waiting for… Don’t skip it.. Just Sip it !!

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19 thoughts on “Don’t Skip it ! Just Sip it ! #SuperBloggingChallenge2018 #Instacuppa

  1. Point taken about air-conditioned rooms at work places. I work in one. If we keep an infuser by our side full of tasty infused water at least the temptation to sip would be ever present and would ensure intake of adequate quantities of water. Instacuppa seems to be an ideal choice.

  2. Hot, hotter, hottest! Definitely the weather of Chennai and to stay hydrated in that weather is of utmost importance. Nicely written.


  3. Hi,
    I love the humour undertone in ur writing.
    And yes, keeping hydrated is an essential thing to do, the correlation of nature n our body is interesting

    Pls read my week4 post for #superbloggerchallenge2018 #instacuppa

    Also since u r a wannabe author, thought wud share the amazon link of my debut novel. You might be interested.

  4. I like your title- don’t skip it but sip it. Also, we should keep drinking fluids even if we don’t feel thirsty. #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #Instacuppa

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