Everlasting truths…..

Sometimes you may get insecure in a relationship. It is only because of letting fear into the relationship. When fear comes in place of trust, everything else is shaken. Every situation can be seen from both a negative and positive perspectives. And when you constantly see only the negative view, thats when the demon of fear and doubt creeps in, weakening the very base of the relationship. You fear that you lose the relationship and being constantly in that worry you forget to enjoy the present moment you have got to spend with them ….

Whenever you get such doubts drive it away with that one word which is the only reason we are still sticking onto this world filled with evils – HOPE !!
Just hope that things will get better
Just hope that the dawn that awaits will bring with it happiness and peace
Just hope that your relationship is going to last forever….

Drive away the demon of fear with FAITH !!
You can call it in any name; be it trust or belief…its power is really immense. You will be able to appreciate it best only when you have felt it. The wonders that unquestioning faith which one places in a person or on the relationship is amazing. It can carry it through any sea of troubles.

And above all this ….

There are in the end three things that last…
Faith, Hope and Love
And the greatest of these


What hope and faith cant get you, definitely Love can !!!
The purest of love will bring with it an intense emotional attachment with the other person which will forever forge the bonds of the relationship so strong and make it unbreakable for eternity……….


3 comments on “Everlasting truths…..

  1. Hi friend you seem to be outdoing yourself with every post of yours.

    I love the faith part.. If everything else in the relationship is driven out through the door and trust alone remains. The relationship still has got a fighting chance of getting back on its feet and drive everything back in.

    And i really enjoyed the part about u stating the fact that we are failing to spend the moment of joy at the present fearing the loss of the relationship in the future…

    Keep going 🙂

  2. hey its an awesome thought you put in
    i even have the three inked on my arm.
    we live with a hope that our faith will help us find the love we all want to live and die with

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