Flipping through…

Ah … finally I successfully completed one year in blogging!!

And I am back after quite a long break. Through this period of about 2 months I have gone through myriad of emotions. Each time I was tempted to post something on it but I restricted myself. Many of my friends wanted me to try something new… to explore new topics. So here it is!!
Recently I spent some time in a book store just browsing (actually whiling away time to rather wait ina boring place) and I happened to chance upon this lovely book, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. I chanced upon the book because it had a very attractive cover and the pages were in tarnished brown giving it a very nice feel. As I glanced through the pages I understood that it is some kind of a self-help book that tries to develop your personality. Oh please… the market is flooded with such kind of books and I was sick of it. Just as I was about to dismiss it off with a similar dislike, I turned over to a page that focuses on improving one’s relationships. The author has written such amazing stuff that makes sense perfectly in a way that blends philosophy, science and emotions. And the language was so simple that it made me start flipping pages so quickly before I knew it was almost time for me to leave. I so wanted to buy the book desperately but couldn’t as I was short of money. Later when I came back to my room I googled about it and came to know that it was a bestseller. I know it doesn’t make sense for me to write a book review even before I have read it, but I have never been so overwhelmed by reading just a few pages!!

PS – you never know… some secret admirer of mine will gift me this after reading the post !! 😛
Will be back soon!

2 comments on “Flipping through…

  1. Hmmmm how innovative can people get for getting a gift….;)

  2. The problem with self-help books is that if you decide to buy one because you are not happy with the way things are,every single book on the shelf will look appealing and would seem to say "Buy me,I can solve your problem". In the end,what matters is whether you are able to practise the gyan such books give you.

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