From Mother Nature

Oh my dear child,
As you tread upon me day after day,
Let me remind you of the journey of life
The paths you make, will create the way on the land,
So will it make, a mark in the lives of the future.
Let your heart be as vast as the sky,
Let there be space for every being to co-exist.
Let your confused mind be calm like the still water,
But when surrounded by insecurities let it gush and flow with all energies.
When darkness clouds your mind,
Let there be light that brings hope out of despair.

Oh dear child,
I’m here for you with all my love at all times
At times of happiness and joy…
At times of agony and pain…
At times of melancholy and gloom…
At times of friendship and love…

I’m there for you …  Just look around.

My inspiration for World Environment Day!
All pics courtesy, my dear hubby Kannan Narayanan.

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