Full stop.

To know that you don’t know is great knowledge – Unknown

Through life we meet so many people, see many places, go through so many different situations, and each of this leaves some mark on us. These experiences teach us so many new things and we keep evolving as we grow. You must be thinking that is how it is for everyone, and so what is new when i am saying it now!!??

Though like all of you i knew it too.. but i just paused to think about it and i was overwhelmed really. All of us learn from these so called experiences of our life… so many things about life like positive thinking, being in control of your emotions, looking at things in different perspective… but how many of us actually do it?? we really want to do it and we might be thinking we are doing it till realty hits us and we fall apart. But life has to move on and so you sit back and think!! But not to brood over mishaps in life, but to learn not to do them again. But this never seems to work out in my life.. i end up doing the same thing all over again, making wrong decisions all the time and regretting it later. It is high time i put a BIG full stop to all this and move on. I thought this is not some conscious thing that one can do. You just can’t change yourself overnight but that’s actually not true.
Truly if with all your heart you desire and believe the change it takes just a second actually to do it. But of course a lifetime for implementing it. And through that time you keep making improvements to it as your bag of experiences grow larger!!
But it shouldn’t be a heavy baggage to carry around.. it must be something you enjoy taking it with you as it is there to help you in times of trouble.

Everything is just a thought away!!


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