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Have you heard of the page TTT – Terribly Tiny Tales. I accidentally discovered their Instagram page once and it was love at first sight. I have been following it ever since and still do. As the name suggests, it is known for the extremely short stories of merely a few words. Often they run small contests where one can submit their short stories too.  Sometime back they had this as the topic – “I write because..”, and one had to complete the sentence. Many followers of the page had posted their comments and I was going through them. You could predict what could have been the usual comments, such as ‘writing is an outlet for emotions’, ‘writing is a platform to bring to life all fantasies of your mind’ etc. I kept wondering what would my answer be, but it is not something I can express in a mere sentence.

I write because ‘words’ are an integral part of my life. You must be wondering what that means. Of course, words and vocabulary are a very significant part of the existence of humanity as such.  One of the key aspects of the growth of the civilized man has been due to the transformation from the use of symbols to words for communication. I am not referring to this aspect, but to the emotion that is attached to every small word that is part of my life growing up.

All of us have some relationships in our lives that are more special than the others. And my connection with some such special people in my life has been through some keyword that they kept repeating; kind of an identity of that person in my memories. Most of my school summer vacations I have spent at one of my aunt’s place who stayed very close to our house.  She was one of the key people who developed a passion in me for arts and crafts right from childhood.  I was fondly called as ‘latchu’ by all my friends and family and that was my favorite nickname. She was the one who christened it for me. What’s there in a name you might wonder, but that became my identity among all people who were close to me right up to my college days. I have deep emotions and memories connected to that name.

If this one was about my name, there has been a different experience with one of my best friend in my life who would never call me by my name. (Sound strange isn’t it!) No, he didn’t coin any nickname, but there is a strange way he calls me till date. No conversation starts with a ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi’ but he would just say ‘Hey You’. Wherever we were, it was always the same. Over time this sort of became the defining identity of our friendship.


MIne was an arranged marriage; we said the words ‘I do’ much before we could say the three magical words of confessing our love. But like the famous Tanishq ad we did find our moment of love too. (actually, I did, not sure about him :P). People who know my husband vouch for the fact that he is a man of few words – quite literally, no exaggeration. Amidst this rarity of speech, I found my two words of Love; and care and everything else – ‘Kya Hua’, translating literally to what happened, but has innumerous more meanings to me than that. He knows when I am sick, or worried or lost; he knows. I may not tell him of every small trouble but he would never fail to ask me Kya hua. Those two words would feel like a big panda hug, crushing all my worries and anxieties. The words are

Like the key to the dam of my tears….

Like the magic carpet lifting me up high in the sky…

So Yes, I write because … Words are everything that define my life.


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15 comments on “I write because …. #Superbloggerchallenge2018 #Instacuppa

  1. This article is amazingg!!!! Loved it

  2. I love the way you expressed your love for writing. I write because I love to talk. And, then it doesn’t need to nod or assure LOL


  3. Thats a cute story about you and your best friend..

    I did a similar post sometime back about reasons I write..

    And my best one was Writing is my window to myself..


  4. A post straight from the heart. I write to express myself. The thing which you have done perfectly in this post.


  5. Great post
    Unconventional n well expressed😊😊

  6. I totally understand the arranged marriage scenario and a husband who is a man of few words! I have one at home too 😛 But I also agree with the bear hug of words that show a lot more than what they literally mean.

  7. Vidhya Madhubala

    March 8, 2018 at 5:01 am Reply

    This is so heartwarming. I love your writing, your words and your emotions here. I wish I knew this clearly why i do certain things certain way.

    Lots of ❤️ !!

  8. I know you Lakshmi just since last 2 years, but the way you have expressed your words gives me feeling that I know you since many years. I was always curious to read your blogs but somehow could not ….. Honestly I feel I missed many words.

    All the best dear !!!

  9. Too good. I think I will have to read all your blogs 🙂

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