Ignorance is Bliss !!!

Some time back i read about solitude being bliss … so i just tried it out and i kinda really enjoyed that … sitting all alone in the midst of nature… worrying about nothing in life…and only during that time i got this thought also in my mind..

you always would be better off not knowing about somethings in life…am i talking of all the bad things that happen to us ?? people who are more into philosophy (like me!!) would say that life is both sweet and bitter.. and it has to be that way for it to be balanced…I completely agree with that…then you must be wondering what am i talking about ???

it is just about that … in some relationships you care so much about some one and you think they do the same about you … you keep thinking about them all the time,wondering they would about you too.. you are there in a place enjoying their company thinking that they also do !!

But when reality strikes it is pretty hard…all the things what you thought are just assumptions and truth is something different!!! its like you were not a part of their life.. you have always been around where you were never wanted …and when you come to know of it all your emotions just shatters and rips you apart !!

And thats when you realise that … wouldnt it have been much better to live with those lies.. to live in that false world with all your assumptions which atleast made you happy…

Truly… Ignorance is Bliss !!!!


3 comments on “Ignorance is Bliss !!!

  1. Wow what happened to you Lakshmi ?
    Seems like you have had some not so good experiences.
    Watch movies like Matrix which i think you must have. And Read stuff written by Adi Shankaracharya. That would take you to the next level of Mithya.
    hope you realise that learn how to deal with it.:)

  2. thank you my wellwisher.. though you wish to remain unnamed !!!
    These might just be some silly thoughts…life is a journey and such things are bound to happen..i am trying to mature and outgrow these things.. thanks to some friendly souls around, i am able to cope with such things in life…

  3. well.. i have always said.. one of the purest and most untainted human emotions is GRIEF.. if you have known true grief.. you have known life.. on the flipsyde this doesnt mean one has to go into depression.. but just to identify ones capacity to celebrate that which is often forgotten.. can only be appreciated by appreciating grief itself..

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