Irony(ies) of life !!!

In one of the lectures when i was sitting and idling around, not listening ( which happens often !!)… i decided that i will write my next blog on this topic “Irony of life”… And i just wrote this on my note book, when my friend who was sitting next to me wrote the best lines possible which will very aptly form the beginning of this blog!!!

The irony of life is that … ” You have to live through life through it to know about it … But the day you learn about your life is the day your life ends 🙂 “

I cant tell you the feeling when i read those lines !! so amazingly true….
and i suddenly decided to explore many such ironies that are filled in the world around us. With a lot of inputs from various sources… here s what i have come up with ….

* Every time when you are doomed by difficulties and failures.. you turn to God and cry ” why me ?? ” …. but why is that we never do the same when we are in the most happiest of moments ?? !!

* Only a loser in any game would say that …’participating is more important than winning’ but never a winner !!!

* when you keep chasing something you never get it … but just when you stop focussing on it, it starts chasing you !!

* The more we feel we are in control of things, the farther off we are from controlling anything..

* Battles that go on longer than necessary end up destroying the enthusiasm necessary for later reconstruction.

* Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.

* You need to think more, not to answer a question, but to ask one.

* life will always teach u lessons through 3 ways – disappointment, despair and defeat

ps – this is obviously not an exhaustive one … friends are welcome to add more !!

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