This one word captures the essence in every relationship . This is one emotion or feeling which is more powerful than all positive emotions and is it so strong that it can overcome any negative feelings in your heart . It doesn’t even have to be mutual … And that’s the whole beauty of it !!!

when a person you love may do things you don’t like… may not care the same way as you do for them… may hate you, but you still have the same affection for them , and that’s when you have true love for them…
And that’s why its the purest of all emotions…the way to GOD !!

Only the person who is so true at heart can experience the joy and happiness when being in love . U know why they say – I “fell” in love….because when in love you may go down to actually hold the person you love, high up …
But it is more than just sacrifice. It is embedded in every aspect of life.

Love is not a part of life… Love is life


2 comments on “LOVE ……

  1. The one phrase that at once came to mind when i read your blog is "Its better to be have loved and failed than to have never loved at all" (I have no idea who wrote or if this is the exact phrase). Love has always stood as a universal paradigm that can win over anything and everything for the matter. This has been very clearly captured by the master story teller J.K.Rowling in her Harry potter series "Love is more powerful than any form of magic ever in existence"

  2. "luv s not a part of life. luv s life"–

    kavithai.. kavithai…:)

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