Positive Negative … Negative Positive

What is the first thing that came to your mind after you read the title!???
Was it about blood type .. O+ ..B- ..AB+ …. ??
Was it about Batteries … magnets … physics .. ??
Well .. Google predictions asked me if it is pregnancy test … ohh please not you too Google !!

I am giving no science lessons here, but I wonder if it could be really a part of science. If you had already seen the image below, obviously you would guessed in the first place that this is about the THOUGHTs in your mind.

What is a thought? By definition, we know that it is the outcome of the process or act of thinking. It is what happens as a result of appropriate functioning of the neural network inside your brain, i.e. it literally is the brainchild. Hence, obviously by its nature a thought cannot have an attribute of being positive or negative. The emotions or the results that these so called thoughts create in our lives is what gives them this aspect. This is very true because, a thought about something could be positive for one and negative for the other, as the way it affects each one of us is different. For example, the thought of me having an independent carefree life away from my parents would be a positive one for me, but a worrying one for them.

So if thoughts are mere signals from the electric impulses, how do they derive power. I am not sure if anyone has a proven answer to that. But I feel that they do have some element of cosmic energy to it. We are able to harness the energy out of a thought to motivate ourselves, and that translates into action. We derive satisfaction from that, even if the results are not favorable to us.

I am a ‘better safe than be sorry’ kind of a person to an extreme extent, almost to the extent of being paranoid about it. So in every situation I face in life, I imagine a hundred things that could go wrong and always be prepared for it. That means, I am surrounded by negative thoughts a lot of times, but my strong belief of being prepared for it means, I know it will not happen as well. My negative thoughts are countered by more strong positive beliefs. But what happens when the same logic works in reverse; it is a disaster. The positive thoughts that should drive me towards new things I want in life are stopped by my fear of change.

Have you read or heard about the book ‘The Secret’ (After having sold millions of copies, it is not actually a secret any longer though). It talks of the same fundamental philosophy that, your thoughts are what make your life. Even though there are a lot of critics who are against this, I do believe majorly in this ideology. Always be aware and conscious of your thoughts. Don’t let anything in this world shake your positive energies.

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