Priceless … but worth it truly

It happens often that we don’t realise the worth of things when they are readily available for us. We are not able to truly value it and understand how precious it might be. It could be for as basic and abstract things like land, water or air. For a transatlantic swimmer who is swimming against the strong currents battling the forceful waves for hours together, the first sight of land gives him the first hint of success. Imagine in the case of a person who is travelling through the desert, where all he can see is miles and miles of stretch of the golden sand; the last drop of water remaining with him that is going to help him survive is priceless !!!

Only in such cases one is able to gauge the worth of the thing which we take for granted. Similarly we need to realise the worth of people around us; without whom our lives would have been very difficult and may be unimaginable too. But we might not give them their due or treat them the way they should have been. And when they are no longer a part of our lives, we suddenly feel the void in our lives. And a feeling or regret engulfs us which makes us feel guilty – “if only i could have told them atleast once how much they meant to me.”

i am sure all of us have someone of this kind in our lives… and if you haven’t yet told them about how important they are to you, i would sincerely request you to do soon….. before it is too late !!

4 comments on “Priceless … but worth it truly

  1. r u tryin to convey somethin to someone? 🙂

  2. hmm… I have the same question as anon. but then.. believe me. you have got to say what you have to say… i faced a similar situation and i am now happy that i said what i wanted to say…

  3. yes ofcourse!! its dedicated to someone who mean so much to me … who have been there for me all my life 🙂
    and they know about it !!

  4. Hey I know who Sathish is talking about 🙂
    And yes I completely agree it has to be told….
    Some people might think you are saying just to flatter someone…..
    But as long as you know you are honest just say it Don't give a damn of what people think or say

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