Pursuit of Happ’Y’ness

As you might have guessed reading the title it is definitely related to the movie. But this is not a review but i might say, may be it inspired me to think about it and write this one …
I saw the movie only a month ago (ya of course its such a big blunder i hadn’t seen it before)and it moved me to tears. Truly it is one of the best movies i have ever seen. I loved the movie because they did not tell exactly what was that made one happy but they just showed you everything about life and let one draw their own interpretations. It raised some fundamental questions in my mind. If you are in pursuit of something you must know what it is that you are looking for exactly!! and why are you searching that … did you lose it? did you ever have it to lose it??

Happiness is merely a state of mind, i am sure all of us know this, but how do you define it? What exactly are the characteristics of it? what are you supposed to do to get all of it? Is it a thing by itself or is it just an absence of nothing that worries you? One may be tempted to answer NO to that last question but think again.
Try to remember one moment in your life when you thought you were really happy. Just for a common example let me take a birthday party i had with my friends(the only one i ever had and so it was really special). So if i try to recreate that moment with all the elements that made it special and just add one tiny negative aspect to it… suppose on that day my mom or dad was sick or they had an argument so severe that i was really upset (i am delebrately adding a thing that isn’t affecting me directly), so obviously i wouldn’t have been able to enjoy much. So despite all the positive things which were present on that day which made me happy, i think it may be the absence of the negative things that actually mattered most!

So what is this pursuit leading us to?? Without even knowing what really makes us happy how are we going to succeed?? …….


PS :- I may be wrong to conclude like this. But i have reason to believe this is definitely true atleast with the way things are going on in my life right now!!

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