revelations …. realisations what shall i call it !!??

i am a person who has always done in life whatever i wanted. I have been a true “taurian” in every aspect … stubborn and determined about what i want and i always end up getting it too.

I always thought i was a considerate person too. But it turned out that i may not be. My philosophy in life has been that “never do anything to a person which you wouldnt want it to be done to you.” So i have always been someone who cared for the feelings of others, because i expect that people care for mine too. I never intend to hurt anyone’s feelings, because i wouldnt be able to bear when someone does it to me.

Some people have made me understand that this is easier said than done…..
I have my own doubts about my philosophy now….
No it could not be wrong. I think it just will not work here, at least not now…

May be it is time to adopt a new one…

welcoming suggestions for the same !!!

laksh 🙂

2 comments on “revelations …. realisations what shall i call it !!??

  1. Suggestion:
    The philosophy need not be changed. in fact it shouldn't be in the slightest..what could be done is change the perspective and to delve into the caverns of human psyche.. trust me when i say…all your answers are over there…waiting..

  2. One way to test one's philosophy is to put it to test against someone's philosophy.

    If the other's philosophy answers questions that ours can't,then it is time to adopt other's philosophy.
    And the cycle continues….

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