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When people with common passion come together, the collective energy just feels great. We had first hand experience of this great feeling in the Royal Enfield One Ride edition of 2018. One Ride is a flagship event conducted by the Royal Enfield group, which happens on the first Sunday of April every year. This was started in 2010 and this year was the event’s 8th edition.


Why we ride 

My husband and partner in crime, loves to ride bikes. On the other hand, though I don’t know to ride, am crazy for bikes too. There is no surprise in guessing that we both are very passionate about not just any bike, but the one and only Royal Enfield. Whenever I go out on the roads and I hear its unique thumping sound, I turn around quickly to spot the bird flying away royally. The mere sight of it brings a smile on my face always.


Royal Enfield – The Legacy

Did you know Royal Enfield was a brand curated in the UK, and initially it was only a cycle, not motorcycle. In early 1890s, a cycle company located in Enfield Road in Redditch, UK was taken over and converted to form the Enfield Manufacturing Co. Ltd. The brand name of ‘Royal Enfield‘ was introduced at the same time and the famous tag line, ‘Made like a Gun‘ was coined, which is used till date. Enfield was very widely used in the World War I & II, after which it became very popular. After independence in India, these motorcycles were first imported into India, and it was a great hit with the Indian army too. Now, these bikes are exported from India to over 50 countries worldwide.

Enfield – a Cult, a Culture

In our early years, most of us usually associated the brand Bullet only with the military man. But the change into a more popular brand even among common people and especially with the young crowd didn’t come in a day. Enfield is not a brand that is usually associated with speed or fuel efficiency. Wait a minute, doesn’t that sound strange to you. Two of the most key features required for a traditional Indian biker is missing here, and yet the popularity has grown by leaps and bounds.

The key driver behind this change was that, they re-modeled the bikes to suit the needs of the modern days, and yet did not lose the old world charm, which the loyalists swear by. They have created a motorcycling culture unique only to Enfield riders. To say that, Royal Enfield riders are a cult of their own is no exaggeration.  One true example of this culture is the fan following at the flagship events such as the One Ride.

One Ride 2018

28 countries participated in this event worldwide, and in India, it was held in more than 100 cities. The focus was to promote the spirit of motorcycling and .  We participated in the ride up to Lonavla, ~70km from Mumbai. The riders have a lot of importance on the safety aspects and helmets are compulsory even for pillion riders. This way it also serves as creating awareness on road safety.

Some moments from our ride.

For more pics of our Enfield journey, check out this gallery – Enfield Journey.

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  1. Awesome, it’s great to know about your passion. Loved the pics.
    Pls read my week8 post for #superbloggerchallenge2018 #instacuppa

  2. my brother taught me bike driving on Enfield only- Thunderbolt. it’s trilling and the rush is amazing. #superbloggerchallenge2018

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