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Food – This one word evokes different emotions in each of us. From being initially treated as something that helped mankind in survival and existence, it has evolved to be a much more complex and integral part of our living. Today, it defines a fundamental aspect of our culture and history. If one were to define cooking in mere scientific terms, I could say it as a mere transformation of energy. Our ancestors saw the whole process as something very sacred and ensured utmost importance was given to the ingredients, the methods, and techniques. Somewhere through the passage of time, we have lost these treasures that have been passed on from generations to generations. With the advent of science and technologies, all sorts of electronic gadgets and equipment have entered our kitchens, which have not only made the processes much easier but have also opened up new ways to explore with recipes. Along with adopting the innovations, let us not forget some important lessons that our Mothers / Mother(s) – in – Law have taught us.

Right from childhood, I was taught to respect Food as God, and never waste even a single morsel, quite literally. Through the process of cooking also, my mother taught me to not to waste ingredients and always find ways to use it some productive way. The onion and garlic peels always went as organic manure. We had our own small garden in the backyard of our kitchen where we grew tomatoes, chilies and brinjal. We even had our own curry leaf tree from where I would pick fresh leaves for daily use.  Well, I didn’t grow up in some village corner or some small world town. This was all very much in the throbbing metro city of Chennai in South India. It is still possible to do these stuff even amidst busy buzzing cities if only we put our minds to it.


I have been living together with my in-laws since almost the begining of my married life. And to be honest, I have not seen a much greater champion of Energy conservation in the Kitchen than my Mother-in-law. She has driven the concept into me very strongly right from day 1 through simple practices that she follows every day. She is a very strong believer in OPOS style of cooking, ensuring to use the pressure cooker for much faster and also energy efficient cooking. Some simple examples of her unique styles (not sure in how many people’s houses these are followed):

  • After rotis/dosas are made, whilst the pan is still hot, place a large vessel with drinking water to absorb the heat so  that warm water is ready for you after dinner
  • As the idlies are cooked in the idli cooker, if there is extra space, you can place a small vessel with Dhal/ Cut veggies so they are parboiled before your cooking for lunchtime begins.
  • If you do not have the habit of using copper vessels for drinking water, would request you to please adopt. The health benefits of using copper on daily basis are immense. Copper is also very good at absorbing heat, and so you can place it on any pan or container as the cooking is underway.
  • If there is any leftover tomato chutney, you can add them to the gravy of any Sabji you might be making the next day – tastes yummy and no wastage!
With my Champion MIL

So who has been your Food champion in your life. If none, Be an inspiration for your kids.

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14 comments on “Sustainability and conservation in Kitchen #SuperBloggingChallenge2018 #Instacuppa

  1. Wow! these were some amazing tips to conserve energy. I must try some of these in my own kitchen

  2. Amazing post.. I so loved your organic- terrace garden. I so wish I could have one.. though I have space, the issue is the rodents…:(
    The tips of reuse and recycle are so apt and will surely try and use them.

  3. Oh this is a wonderful initiative that you adopted, this needs to be spread across spheres. Sustainability is something we all should be thinking about today.

  4. You have shared some amazing tips and I will definitely try to use them as well:)

  5. I like the statement you made at the beginning. Food also has a role in describing our culture and history. If you start reading about the food habits of the people of different regions of the world you will definitely find a pattern. And conserving energy is very important. Ad you say it is important not to waste anything and it is a very good idea to keep something in the idli cooker so that some other item also gets cooked along with idlis. This is something even my wife does. #Superbloggerchallenge #Instacuppa

  6. I loved the terrace garden and also the energy consumption techniques.
    Will surely implement them

  7. Hey,
    This is a wonderful read. I hope your terrace garden is still there 🙂 amd your MIL’s kitchen hacks are quite interesting. Keep it up!

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