Travel.. Traverse..Transcend

When i decided to resume writing my blog after an almost 5 year hiatus, i had promised myself that i must write at least once in a month. Well i already missed two months, but i am maintaining the photo blog as well in tandem. So i kind of console myself that I am not out of touch completely. “” here is the proof !!

It takes much lesser effort in these because the major work i.e. capturing the beautiful images is taken care of by my husband. I do only the part of glorifying them in the easy to make templates of Adobe Slate (if you haven’t tried them I suggest you should, it is a wonderful medium to showcase your stories and easy at that too!). It started once when we were joking amongst ourselves that there should be a way where we can combine my love for writing and his passion for photography. And Voila! Thus was discovered Adobe slate. Guess I have promoted enough of Adobe on a Google product. This was not the intention when I began writing today.

There is a 3rd dimension to this thing which holds the key – the love for travel of my husband! 

Because of which all this has been possible. We haven’t explored a lot of places but the ones that we have been together have been very memorable so far. We have had our fair share of adventures and misadventures; joys and troubles and still managed to have fun all through it. He has been my travel buddy in every true sense. I wasn’t so much an outdoor person, but from when he has come into my life, I have seen, lived and experienced six different cities in India and also made our first trip abroad together.

I have grown up all my life in my hometown Chennai! It’s not that I haven’t been to places outside my home. I have been to a lot of places in South India, mostly with family on religious endeavors and a few times with friends. But I have merely gone there but not explored the place or culture or food. This has changed so much now. At the outset of every journey he would make thorough research about the various places to visit and all the different cuisines we shouldn’t miss (of course the food has the priority :P) ““.

I have had the good fortune to enjoy all this with him everywhere (he has no choice now anyway ;)) we have been to. Thanks to all his efforts, I get to have all the fun (Ha ha :D). But on a serious note it has opened a new perspective in me truly. Differences in people, languages, cultures, cuisines have ceased to exist. They are merely various manifestations of the humanity at large. You get this amazing feeling of transcending the boundaries of the states and countries and still feel at home (but yeah the national and international roaming hurts a little… I work in the telecom sector now :P). I am beginning to realize how much I have missed these things in life and how blessed I am to enjoy all this forever in my life now!!

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