Words are definitely powerful… but not stronger than the human mind !!!

Retold from The Alchemist ….
” the Arab alchemist who was drinking wine, offered some to the protagonist… He asks him ‘isnt wine prohibited in your country ?’ (as per their religion)….the alchemist replies…
‘its not what goes into the mouth which is evil .. but what comes out’ … “

How true can that be .. even when i read those lines for the first time … the reality and depth of the meaning struck me hard..because this society thinks ill of those who drink(/smoke??!!) … but the truth is that there may be much more better and well behaved gentlemen (women??!!) among them….

i have myself seen people who speak such ill of others in a way which is so demeaning. they spew out venom – the most poisonous of all one could find in this world – when they speak. The words are spoken so that to deliberately humiliate or disrespect the other person…

But i truly believe that every emotion one faces in life is something which only you control entirely… be it anything like happiness, sadness, guilt, shame, dishonour, anger, satisfaction, humiliation…..All of this is something which people always complain or attribute to something external, like for eg:what someone says/does hurts you sometimes, something happens which makes you happy…
but the truth is that more often people(including me !!) fail to realise that it is you who decide everything in your life… if you decided that you are not going to be disturbed by whatever happens around you; your not going to get hurt/angry; even when the other person does it intentionally/unintentionally !!!!

This is one such irony in life – where you think everything that happens to you is ’cause of what happens outside but the reality is that the control lies entirely in your hands … when you get this realisation about life you can get that true peace in your heart!!!

There are many such ironies that are filled in this world around us and this is what i am going to explore in my next post … look out for it !!!!


5 comments on “Words are definitely powerful… but not stronger than the human mind !!!

  1. Yes Mam! eagerly looking out for it!

  2. You have captured the power of words and its impact on the human mind very admirably.. Yes words are more powerful than weapon and many a times a lot of us forget that.

    Waiting for your next post !!!

  3. @ both … thank u 🙂

  4. Totally agree… Nothing external can affect one unless taken personally…

    i like !!! 🙂


  5. You are learning.

    Keep looking out for more.

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